Sometimes women prefer not paying too much attention to calorie contribution in each food. However, far from being specialists in this topic, what we can do is having a guide to eat healthy without extreme sacrifice. A healthy guide for you, that you are passing the marvellous pregnancy process, is to use natural food, as it nutrition contribution will be higher. Fresh and healthy food can also be delicious. Food in can may be considered the last option, but this is more of common sense that specialized guides on the topic.

Feeding for two

Your pregnancy may increase your apetite in an important way, you must consider that now you have to eat for two, and nature has given you the adequate sensors so you are willing to eat more food than bafore.

In general, women require from 200 to 300 calories a day, far from what you would eat, for you will double such normal amount of food. However, you mustn´t forget that quality matters more than quantity, and all you eat must be good for you and your baby that is to be born.

Some mothers may have special food and nutrition requirements, as they likely did not follow and adequate alimentation program, and now a pregnancy will make them to chenge their habits. But we must also consider that a scarce alimentation may also affect the natural development of pregnancy.

During pregnancy it´s not necessary to eat a little o be under a diet. Some studies confirm a higher rate of spontaneous abortions, neonatal death and low weight of the baby when she is born, in cases where the mother has eaten a small amount of calories.

The best diet when must be sufficient to feed two persons, it must be as natural as possible and nurture including all what is necessary to create a healthy baby. It´s possible that you balance the amount of food you eat in a period of 24 to 48 hours, instead of in each meal. Try not to skip meals, the baby grows continuously and may suffer if you don´t eat as you should. Junk food such as chocolate, hamburgers, tacos or french fires, among others, has a low nutrition value and will not benefit the baby in any way, as such additional calories become body fat.

Fat by itself is not bad, but as always, its excess in the body causes a lot of problems. In fact, your body will store some of it to use it in creating milk when you breast feed. It must be noted that, even if breast feeding makes you lose weight, during pregnancy you must be careful not to gain too much weight. In general, fat is deposited in the higher part of the arms and thighs, and is difficult to be eliminated.

The baby and her needs

While your baby grows inside of you, you are the sole food resource. The latter needs calories, vitamins or proteins, and your alimentation will nurture her also, therefore we insist to be careful with what you eat and give your baby the best.

Eat fruit, vegetables, beans, wheat cereal, fish, chicken and skim milk products. Several investigations have demonstrated the benefits of fish oils, such as herring, saumon and sardines, that reduce the risk of a premature labor.

Don´t forget about yourself

In all this beautiful pregnancy process, you mustn’t forget yourself. Eating healthy guarantees a happy labor, with a healthy baby ready for the world. Moreover, healthy alimentation gives you reserves during pregnancy to support and recover your own physical wear during labor.

A poor diet provokes in many women anemia and preeclampsia, besides other problems such as nausea and cramps, same that may get worse when manifesting, depending on the food taken. Therefore, it´s important you eat natural salt necessary (not the one added) present in fresh vegetables (tomate contains a lot of salt) and fruits such as banana, rich in potasium.

Your probable change of moods may intensify according to your diet. Therefore you must control your alimentation, since in addition, it may affect the level of fatigue and many other pains. Moreover, if you stop or reduce eating unuseful calories, you will have less fat to lose after giving birth to your child.



Calories that are not necessary
We suggest you try not to eat any of the following food. These products are saturated with sugar and refined flour, in such way that they are not recommended at this time, neither for you or your beautiful baby in gestation.

  • Candy and chocolates
  • Fruit in can
  • Ice Cream
  • Artificial milk
  • Sodas and sugared juices
  • Bread, pastry, cakes, pastas, jam or confitures
  • Cereal with sugar
  • Products such as conservated food, pickles, sauces for salad, among others.
  • Recent studies seem to challenge the idea broadly spread that eating peanuts or peanut butter during pregnancy are not recommended. Such studies set forth that there is no relationship between a mother that eats peanuts and the allergies developed by the baby. However, if there is any doubt in respect eating certain food, you better disregard them.