The practice of exercises for all the body, will improve the tension caused by the additional weight of your baby, for which the strenthening of the muscles is important. Also, consider that with exercise you may develop ways to control your pelvix, something that will be useful for labor.

We hereinafter suggest some postures taken from studies related to yoga, we hope they are useful. Remember: keep a straight posture, unless the exercise demands other things.

  1. With the back straight, separate your feet 30 cms, put them in parallel; place your hands together behind your back and slowly lean straightwards from the waist, in a straight angle (90). Breathe and expire thoroughly several times and then reincorporate yourself.
  2. The same prior posture (folded in a straight angle and with the back straight) slowly lift your hands until you achieve it (without folding them and to the extent possible) put them above your head.

Exercises A) and B) are recommended only if you have felt comfortable with them.

  1. Tight in repeated times the pelvix area in “four feet” position with the knees separated like 30 cm. In this exercise, “tighten” the your but and the pelvix inside, in such way for the back to make an arch upwards. Stay in this position some seconds and then relax yourself, pulling your back downwards. You will experience in this position a smooth balance of the pelvix upwards and downwards.
  2. Lay down with your arms on the sides and the palms of your hands looking down. From this position, pressure the floor with your feet and lift the pelvix, in such way for your vertebrate column to raise. Go down and return to the original position, from the vertebrates, one by one. When you lift over your arms, breathe and take your breath out when going down. This exercise allows your muscles and lower part of your back to strengthen.
  3. With your back on the floor, hug your knees and keep this position while you breathe thoroughly. The lower part of the column must always be kept over the floor.
  4. Now, a variation to the foregoing. In the same position, with your back straight over the floor, only take one knee and hug it, while the other knee remains straight. Change your leg and carry out several cycles smoothly, without ceasing to breathe each time.
  5. We continue to be in the floor, with the lower part of the back touching the floor. Fold both knees and cross your feet in the part of the ankles. Turn your waist to the right, like the watch hands. Try to draw circles with the lower part of the back over the floor; then change the sense.

Turn your vertebrate column. With your arms and shoulders in the floor, take your breathe out and smoothly fold your legs with your knees together, and roll to one side of your body without losing the straight position of your back, with your face looking to the other side. Then fold your column slowly. Stay there for some seconds. Return to the center without keeping your knees folded. Repeat the exercise, now to the other side.