Certain letters shed us light: our baby´s sex will depend if the inseminated sperm is a chromosome X (feminine) or a chromosome Y (masculine). Every women among its ovules, will always have the chromosome X.
It seems that chromosome X is stronger than Y. Chromosome X is bigger, slower and has a longest life span than Y. The sperm containing chromosome X seems to enjoy the vagina acidity.

¿Your baby´s sex depends on how many times you make love?

There is no evidence yet but, if you want to, you may try to find the response by yourself. It is commonly heard that having a baby boy or girl depends on how many times you make love. There is in fact no scientific evidence on this belief, but trying to prove it sounds fine.

We suggest then as follows, from more clear studies:

If you want a baby girl, you should make love some days before ovulation, remember that the sperm with chromosome X is slower and survives for more time than Y. If you want a baby boy, you should make love on the ovulation day and afterwards, since sperm Y (masculine) is faster and reaches the ovule before the feminine one.

In a nutshell, if what you wish is a beautiful baby girl, than you must make love several times, since the proportion of masculine sperms is reduced. And if you are looking for a boy, you should make love less frequently, since in such way the proportion of sperms with chromosome Y increases.