Babies And Parents To Be

Expo Tu Bebé y Tú

Juntos en tus primeros pasos

September 28 to October 1

WTC Mexico City

General adult access:
$ 100 pesos per person in the access (Minors free entry)

Get a 20% discount on access to register on our site.

10 in the morning to 8 in the evening



Filadelfia s/n., Col. Nápoles. C.P. 03810, México, Distrito Federal.


Your baby does not wait when he's hungry he wants to eat!

For your comfort and that of your baby.

They will help you to carry all your purchases.

In case you do not want to or you can not walk all the Expo walking.

Upon departure of the event

So that you do not walk with all your purchases in the hands.

And more...

  • First aid workshops.
  • Yoga workshops for pregnant women.
  • Massage workshops for your baby among several more.
  • Cafés: Food and beverage service.
  • Spa area: In which we are going to consent and you are sure to relax.
  • Relax areas: For when you want to take a break.
  • Early stimulation zone: Your baby will also have the opportunity to have a good time.


Let's talk.

Masculine Analysis

It is advisable that a man and woman attend together, as a couple, to the doctor´s visit. Usually, when there are fertility problems in a couple, the woman is the first one to proceed to submit herself to analysis. However, a semen analysis must be a priority. The way we eat nowadays, in addition to […]

Healthy Eating

Sometimes women prefer not paying too much attention to calorie contribution in each food. However, far from being specialists in this topic, what we can do is having a guide to eat healthy without extreme sacrifice. A healthy guide for you, that you are passing the marvellous pregnancy process, is to use natural food, as […]

Treatments with medicine

There are currently some medicines that stimulate the fertility of the ovules. In past years, these treatments used to produce multiple pregnancies, a situation that has been corrected thanks to the fact that nowadays we know more over the dosage, in addition to the fact that the treatment is controlled and supervised. The use of […]

Your baby of 18 months

Now your baby feels more secure, she hops on the furniture and likes to play with her parents; her memory is quite precise, she clearly remembers things after preparing or looking at them. This capacity allows your baby to play with you, to hide things or toys, for her to look for them. You must […]

Exercising the body

The practice of exercises for all the body, will improve the tension caused by the additional weight of your baby, for which the strenthening of the muscles is important. Also, consider that with exercise you may develop ways to control your pelvix, something that will be useful for labor. We hereinafter suggest some postures taken […]

¿Baby Boy or Baby Girl, X or Y?

Certain letters shed us light: our baby´s sex will depend if the inseminated sperm is a chromosome X (feminine) or a chromosome Y (masculine). Every women among its ovules, will always have the chromosome X. It seems that chromosome X is stronger than Y. Chromosome X is bigger, slower and has a longest life span […]